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Vannon is a psych-metal duo from Oakland, CA blending dynamic elements of stoner/doom and psychedelic Viking metal to create high-intensity, elevating experiences.


After forming the band in the winter of 2019, Max Hodes and Sven Pazarek quickly impressed the local scene with their thunderous live sound.  They have shown excellent studio production skills on their first EP and display a massive sweep of sounds on their new album "Desert of Our Dreams"


The band is equally  inspired by Yob and Bathory as they are by synthwave, noise music, krautrock , old-school death metal, and Alice Coltrane.


Max sings about his present-time perception of a maddening precarity, seeking out a collective heart to go beyond the end of the world.  His guitar sounds like the ocean on fire.  Sven creates a world of bass and sweeping synth sounds that bring the listener further into Vannon's heavy psychedelic aesthetic.


They work in the studio like Byrne and Eno. Their mind-melting performances are visceral and mad, triumphant but pained, explosive yet focused, and very, very loud.

The upcoming full length, “Desert of our Dreams " is a psychedelic retelling of the Book of Exodus.


The album starts on a mountain of sorrow and travels through death, rebirth, and death again in a tragic attempt to ascend Above the Stars. During the recording a terrifying spirit entered the studio with the band, bringing with this holy music visions of mad prophets, looming angels of death, false gods and wandering ecstatic seekers in the promised lands.


Vannon has release two wild videos that show a visual aspect to the group's work as well. 

        Vannon is ready for the world to open.  With a fiery new record about to be unleashed and a live show that is an hour of face-melting madness, they have the                                  potential to ascend to the heights of all Metal.

"I've listened to your music and it's great. Actually, no. It's AWESOME. Well-executed and pulverizing psych metal, and sonically it goes through some captivating peaks and valleys. "

- James Moore, Independent Music Promotions



"A great track + the singer sounds a bit like Chris Cornell."

- Rob Hammer (@rob.doom.hammer *stonerdoom*psych*sludge*grunge*metal* on youtube)


"...they had people moving and dancing. The last song they played, 'Paradise,' was simply amazing and I can't wait to hear it again..."

- Wayne Lawton (@Showtography) 


"The best Doom Springsteen band the world has ever seen..."

- Corrine Shea (fan)

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