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Vannon is a  Deep-Psych metal band from Oakland, California.   Thrash, Doom,  Synthwave, and Experimental elements all collide with soaring vocal harmonies and unique compositions to create a very Original and Powerful Sound.

Vannon has been called . . .

"Well-executed and pulverizing psych metal"

 "Sonically it goes through some captivating peaks and valleys. "

Their second album "Desert Of Our Dreams" is set for release in Spring of 2021.

As the planet wakes back up from it's year long hibernation, the work Vannon has been doing is ready to be shared.  Their new album is bursting with potential energy.  New videos will be released.  A thunderous live show is being prepared.  2021 will be the year Vannon takes their place on the world stage.

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"A great track + the singer sounds a bit like Chris Cornell." - Rob Hammer (*stonerdoom*psych*sludge*grunge*metal* on youtube)


"...they had people moving and dancing. The last song they played, 'Paradise,' was simply amazing and I can't wait to hear it again..." - Wayne Lawton (photographer @ Showtography) 


"The best Doom Springsteen band the world has ever seen..." - Corrine Shea (fan)


"I listened to them practice while I was taking a shit and I got hard." - James Speer (grifter)